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Monday 9 OctoberParish Council Meeting

Friday 13 October - Pumpkin Weigh-In 

Wednesday 25 October - Meet your PCSO

Latest News

Memorial Testing 

The memorial testing programme has now been completed.  Read more ... 

Pram Race Donation

The Parish Council have agreed to give a donation of £150 to the pram race organisers for their event which will be held on Sunday 27 August.  All proceeds in aid of The Prince of Wales Hospice.   

Boar (Befriending, Opportunities and Respite) Cottage Charity 

The Parish Council have once again agreed to a donate £400 to this charity which provides weekend breaks for young adults with learning difficulties. These breaks give the young people a holiday and their carers respite.

Featherstone Rovers Foundation - Junior Rovers Grant

The Parish Council provided a grant to Juniors Rovers to enable them to hold a fun day at Carr Bridge Playing Field.  The fun day was held on Monday 17 July, click here for a report and pictures from the event.  

Update on Footpath 21

Following the site meeting it has been agreed by the Parish Council that they will fund the cost of kissing gate to replace the boulders currently in place. As a contribution towards this project Wakefield MDC will install the gate at the appropriate time.

Christmas 2017

The Parish Council agreed to purchase 2 root ball Christmas trees. One to be planted on the grassed area on Wakefield Road at its junction with Rhyddings Drive, the other will be planted on the grassed area on Doncaster Road at its junction with Doncaster Road Estate. 

The lamppost light features will remain the same this year with a view to looking at the cost of upgrading some of the features in the next financial year.

The Christmas Lights switch on will be on Friday 24 November. 

Memorial Trees

New trees planted in memory of Councillors Ron Barnsley and Keith Wilson have unfortunately not taken.  S&D Landscapes have offered to replace both trees with fastigiate oak trees at the appropriate time. 

Carr Bridge Play Area Access Path

Following comments and complaints regarding the resurfacing of the footpath and steps, a site meeting has been held with the contractor and it has been decided that the surface will be removed, and we are exploring options for a more suitable surface.

Westfield Foodbank

Ackworth Parish Council has donated £500 to Westfield Foodbank .

Bernadette France, Deputy Chair of Westfield Foodbank received the cheque from Ackworth Parish Councillors.

Bernadette said "On behalf of the Committee and Volunteers of the Westfield Centre Food Bank, a huge thank you for the fantastic donation of £500 from Ackworth Parish Council.  The food bank exists solely on donations of food and money from organisations and individual community members.  Part of the donation has already been utilised for the purchase of an additional chest freezer to store perishable items.  Once again thank you."


Ackworth Gala 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this year's Ackworth Gala such a great success.  It was another lovely day, when the came together and created a happy, friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Gala Queen Megan and her attendants, Lauren and Rachel, looked beautiful, and the fancy dress competition had a record number of participants. 

Thank you to the 30+ stall holders, staffed by volunteers, who raised many thousands of pounds for local community groups and charities, also to the local businesses that came along to advertise, and of course thank you to the many members of the public who came along for the afternoon to enjoy the entertainment. 


Footpath 21 – Green Lane

Ackworth Parish Councillors met with Virginia Moulton, Public Rights of Way Manager, Wakefield Council to discuss access to the footpath from Green Lane to Hessle Common, also invited were Ackworth resident Fred Darlison and Steven Parker of Ackworth Quarries.

Virginia Moulton explained the definitive position with regard to rights of access to the footpath. Concerns were raised about preventing motorcycles from getting access to the footpath while at the same time making sure that all legitimate users are able to get on to the path including those with pushchairs and with mobility difficulties.

Steven Parker provided some very interesting and detailed history and the Parish Councillors agreed to discuss this further and to do what it can in the short term to satisfy both points of view.

Help to Protect Ackworth's Trees

Everyone living in and passing through Ackworth appreciates the number of mature trees in the village.

Trees can be protected by a ‘Tree Protection Order’ (TPO).

You can help to protect the trees by identifying individual trees and completing the TPO request form on Wakefield Council’s website. Obviously it is a huge task to cover the whole village. If you would be willing to plot the trees and complete the TPO applications in a specific area please let us know and we will coordinate this effort.

Please note that in the parts of the village that are in a conservation area all trees are already protected and planning permission is required for any work to them.

Please register your interest with the Parish Council via the website, by telephone 01977 611583, or email info@ackworthparishcouncil.gov.uk or call at the office.

For further details on TPO's please click here 


Ackworth Cemetery Memorial Testing.  Memorial testing at the cemetery is now underway. Read more..  


Brackenhill Allotments Waiting List

If you are an Ackworth resident and are interested in growing your own vegetables then why not consider an allotment. There is only a small waiting list. For more details please click here.

Planning Applications

At the Parish Council meetings consideration is given to current planning applications received by Wakefield Council.  This includes applications to fell trees.  It is the Parish Council's policy to object to all tree felling applications unless the tree is dead, dying or in a dangerous condition.  They do this to preserve the trees in the village.