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Saturday 8 December - Parish Council Santa Day

Monday 10 December - Parish Council Meeting 

Tuesday 11 December - Senior Citizens Christmas Tea 


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Updates from November's Parish Council Meeting

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Last Week...

  • Parish Councillors met for the Village Events, Village Facilities and Staff and Finance committee meetings.
  • The Parish Council drop-in was held on Tuesday afternoon, hosted by Cllr John Evans
  • Staff completed final preparations for the Christmas Lights switch on which took place on Friday evening

Christmas Lights Switch On

The Christmas lights were switched on in Ackworth on 30 November.  A carol service led by Churches Together was held in All Saints Church and Gala Queen Macey Firth switched on the lights.


Pictured:  Macey in Church before the Carol Service. 

New Defibrillator at the Community Centre

The Parish Council has funded another defibrillator in the village.  It is sited on the wall outside of the Parish Council Community Centre on Bell Lane.

Thank you to the Rory James Embling Foundation for its kind donation towards the cost of this. 


A Nation's Tribute - Battle's Over

On Sunday 11 November, as part of the Nation’s Tribute Battle’s Over, a beacon was lit at 7pm at the Water Tower on Castlesyke Hill symbolising an end to the darkness of war and a return to the light of peace. 

Tree Dedication

A dedication ceremony took place on Friday 9 November at the oak tree that was planted outside of Ackworth Cemetery to commemorate to end of WWI.  School children, resident, parish and district councillors gathered at 11am, Rev Charlene Smith led the service, with the standard bearer and bugler from the Royal British Legion taking part.  Children read out the names of the servicemen who lost their lives in WWI and a wreath was laid on behalf of all children in Ackworth.  

Refreshments were provided afterward at the Parish Council Community Centre where a slideshow or old photographs from that period, created by Ackworth Heritage Group was displayed.

Bell Lane Car Park Press Release

Following a spate of anti-social behaviour on Bell Lane car park, Ackworth Parish Council urges anyone who encounters a problem to report this to the police by contacting them on 101.

Three local residents attended the July Parish Council meeting to raise their concerns about issues in the car park - cars speeding into and out of the car park, doing wheel spins, leaving litter behind, playing loud music and generally being a nuisance to neighbours.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would facilitate a meeting inviting West Yorkshire Police, Wakefield Council Car Park Department, Wakefield Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team and District Councillors to discuss how to move forward on these issues. A meeting has taken place, everyone is working together to try and find a solution to this problem. Wakefield Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team has written to the owners of some of the cars involved, we trust that this action along with the Police who will continue to monitor the use of the car park will stop these issues. All incidents reported to the police helps them plan an appropriate response.

Sarah Balfour, Chair of the Parish Council said, "We understand that a lot of these young people are coming from out of the village. It's a real problem, particularly for nearby residents. People really do need to complain every time to the police because then more police time will be focussed on dealing with the problem. We are also looking for a longer term solution. "

Brackenhill Allotments Waiting List

 If you are an Ackworth resident and are interested in growing your own vegetables then why not consider an allotment. There is only a small waiting list. For more details please click here.

Help to Protect Ackworth's Trees

Everyone living in and passing through Ackworth appreciates the number of mature trees in the village.

Trees can be protected by a ‘Tree Protection Order’ (TPO).

You can help to protect the trees by identifying individual trees and completing the TPO request form on Wakefield Council’s website. Obviously it is a huge task to cover the whole village. If you would be willing to plot the trees and complete the TPO applications in a specific area please let us know and we will coordinate this effort.

Please note that in the parts of the village that are in a conservation area all trees are already protected and planning permission is required for any work to them.

Please register your interest with the Parish Council via the website, by telephone 01977 611583, or email info@ackworthparishcouncil.gov.uk or call at the office.

For further details on TPO's please click here 

Planning Applications

At the Parish Council meetings consideration is given to current planning applications received by Wakefield Council.  This includes applications to fell trees.  It is the Parish Council's policy to object to all tree felling applications unless the tree is dead, dying or in a dangerous condition.  They do this to preserve the trees in the village.