Parish Council Election Results 2019

Election of Parish Councillors 

High & Low Ackworth:
Amanda Jayne Cook - Labour Party
Michael Christopher Galvin - Labour Party
Tony Hames - The Conservative Party
Gwen Marshall - Independent Non-Political Community

Moor Top:
Sarah Balfour - Labour Party
John Bell - Labour Party
Allan William Garbutt - Labour Party
John Hardman - Independent
Sue Hollyhead - Labour Party
Terry Hollyhead - Labour Party
Sean Phillip Richmond - Independent Non-Political Community
Martin Paul Roberts - The Yorkshire Party

Election of District Councillor 

Jessica Carrington - Labour 

Forthcoming Events

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Monday 13 May - Parish Council Meeting

Saturday 29 June - Ackworth Gala 

Latest News 

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Updates from the May Parish Council Meeting

Chairman's Report - to follow shortly

District Councillors Report - to follow shortly

Police Report 

Last Week...

  • The Village Events Committee held a meeting with discussions regarding the Ackworth Gala
  • District and Parish Council Elections took place (please see here for the results)                 

Bell Lane Car Park

Jointly working together District Councillors, the Parish Council and Wakefield Council are pleased to announce that work has commenced on improvements to the car park. 

Drainage Works

After joint working with District Councillors and the Parish Council, plans have been drawn up to improve the surface water issue at Hawthorn Grove and All Saints' Church.  Ongoing inspections have been taking place since late 2018 and some levelling work commenced in January \ February 2019.  This was in preparation for the further scheduled works due to commence over the forthcoming weeks.

Help to Protect Ackworth's Trees

Everyone living in and passing through Ackworth appreciates the number of mature trees in the village.

Trees can be protected by a ‘Tree Protection Order’ (TPO).

You can help to protect the trees by identifying individual trees and completing the TPO request form on Wakefield Council’s website. Obviously it is a huge task to cover the whole village. If you would be willing to plot the trees and complete the TPO applications in a specific area please let us know and we will coordinate this effort.

Please note that in the parts of the village that are in a conservation area all trees are already protected and planning permission is required for any work to them.

Please register your interest with the Parish Council via the website, by telephone 01977 611583, or email info@ackworthparishcouncil.gov.uk or call at the office.

For further details on TPO's please click here

Planning Applications

At the Parish Council meetings consideration is given to current planning applications received by Wakefield Council. This includes applications to fell trees. It is the Parish Council's policy to object to all tree felling applications unless the tree is dead, dying or in a dangerous condition. They do this to preserve the trees in the village.