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Monday 11 June - Parish Council Meeting

Saturday 30 June - Ackworth Gala 


Latest News 

What a fantastic day - the village looked amazing thanks to the efforts of so many people.  Topped of by great weather and lots of fundraising for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  

Photos and a write up to be uploaded soon. 

Updates from April's Parish Council Meeting

District Councillors Report

Police Report 

News from Low Ackworth Community Association

Thanks to grants from Wakefield Council, Ackworth Parish Council, the Coop Community Fund, Ackworth Show Fund, and the GMB union the community centre at Low Ackworth now has a new roof and new heaters. There will soon be new cladding on the outside and internal decoration.

Low Ackworth Community Association is an independent charity which works in close cooperation with local organisations and elected representatives. The Committee, which is composed of volunteers, is still seeking funding for a new building.

The future plans for the building will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 18th April at 8pm at Low Ackworth Community Centre on Station Road. It is open to all Ackworth residents.

The agenda and other papers will be available from the Secretary nearer the date of the AGM.

Please come along and get involved.

contact: Sarah Balfour, Secretary

email: lowackworthcomm@gmail.com


New Parish Councillors

Two new Councillors were elected to the Parish Council on 15th March. Mike Galvin for the High and Low Ackworth ward and Nathan Bland for the Moor Top ward. Congratulations to both and thank you to all candidates for a well contested campaign.

Tour de Yorkshire

Following the great news that the cycle race will be coming through Ackworth on Friday 4 May the Parish Council organised a public meeting, held on Monday 29 January. The turnout was great, lots of community groups, businesses and residents keen to get involved. Click here to view the minutes.

A new Facebook page has been setup - Tour de Yorkshire Ackworth 2018.  Please like \ follow to keep up to date with events. 


Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

A new Neighbourhood Watch scheme has recently been setup in Brackenhill. If youare interested in becoming a coordinator or member in another part of the village, please click here and register your interest.

Brackenhill Allotments Waiting List

 If you are an Ackworth resident and are interested in growing your own vegetables then why not consider an allotment. There is only a small waiting list. For more details please click here.

Help to Protect Ackworth's Trees

Everyone living in and passing through Ackworth appreciates the number of mature trees in the village.

Trees can be protected by a ‘Tree Protection Order’ (TPO).

You can help to protect the trees by identifying individual trees and completing the TPO request form on Wakefield Council’s website. Obviously it is a huge task to cover the whole village. If you would be willing to plot the trees and complete the TPO applications in a specific area please let us know and we will coordinate this effort.

Please note that in the parts of the village that are in a conservation area all trees are already protected and planning permission is required for any work to them.

Please register your interest with the Parish Council via the website, by telephone 01977 611583, or email info@ackworthparishcouncil.gov.uk or call at the office.

For further details on TPO's please click here 

Planning Applications

At the Parish Council meetings consideration is given to current planning applications received by Wakefield Council.  This includes applications to fell trees.  It is the Parish Council's policy to object to all tree felling applications unless the tree is dead, dying or in a dangerous condition.  They do this to preserve the trees in the village.