Ackworth Heritage Group

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Lecture Programme 2024


All events are held at the Parish Council Community Centre, Bell Lane, Ackworth, starting at 7:30pm.

January 25th

February 29th

March 28th

April 25th

May 30th

June 15th

September 26th

October 24th

November 14th (AGM 7pm)

December 12th 

"Fish and Ships"   

"Crime and Punishment"   

"Yorkshire Matters"

"Post Office History"

"Yorkshire Coalfield Kinsley Lockout"

Trip to Northampton

"Gateways to the Past"

"History of Painting"


"Tha's Got to Laugh" 

Helen Cox

Eric Jackson

Rod Dimbleby

John Lyte

Christine Leveridge


Janet Niepokojczycka

Charles Lubelsky

Eric Jackson

Ben Richardson